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November 9, 2017

This is probably what you've been waiting for.

Tickets go on sale Sunday, November 12th at 9pm! All seats including large group, 1/2 table tickets (formally VIP) and 1/3 table tickets (formally BYOC) will be available.

Seat selection will be available just before the event, around January 8th. 

Tournaments will be announced next week, November 13th or 14th. 


Don't forget to create your guild on the LANFest website! Please let me know of any issues in discord. Thanks!

2018 Winter Seating Info

November 3, 2017
The time is almost upon us, but we are changing things up a bit. To make things easier, ticket types are being renamed to "BYOC - Half table" and "BYOC - One Third Table". This unfortunately means that there is no one designated section for VIP, so if you have buddies you look forward to seeing every year you'll want to look into this new guild system (which at present is not ready but will be ... Read More

2017 Summer Wrapup

August 10, 2017
Oh baby we had a great time at the new venue this year and we hope you did too. We had some great feedback from the survey and in a continued effort to let you know what's going on we'd like to share some of the thoughts we had from your brains and ours. We won't be touching on EVERYTHING but we'll hit some of the more common points that kept coming up not only ... Read More

Board Gaming

July 3, 2017
We've gotten some questions about "what does tabletop mean" in relation to board gaming at our event. Hopefully this serves as a guide to clear up some of the questions. Q: What sort of table-top gaming are you doing at MLP? A: Well, lots of things. We have Games Asylum coming in bringing their extensive library of free-to-play games, along with Dallas Hoag, an expert on all things board game related. Throughout the weekend you'll be able ... Read More

The VIP Connundrum

June 13, 2017
Just so everyone is on the same page I wanted to post this publicly so there was no misunderstanding. VIP sold out fast again like it always does. Every year we try to make efforts to let you know when this is happening and try to improve the process so that everyone gets a ticket next to their friends and everyone is excited. Our groups continue to grow, we had roughly half of our general seating ... Read More

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