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March 23, 2017

big things coming

Our next event is pegged for July 7th, 8th, and 9th. Our last event we sold 240 seats and before we get to the details we want to say thank you for our biggest event to date. We truly can't do it without you.

We got a lot of great feedback from our post event survey. Our biggest topic to come from the survey was that the event is just getting too large for our current venue. We've been looking for many years for what would suit us bet when the time comes, and it appears that time is here. 

new venue coming

So, we have found a new venue. Our next event will be at the Erie County Fairgrounds Event Center in Hamburg, NY. Yes, this is the same fairgrounds you've been going to for years, but a different building... the BIG building. This building is over 5 times the size of our current venue and will allow us to grow for years to come. We will be starting out with a capacity of 300 seats as we get a feel for what we need to make the best use of this space without biting off more than we can chew. 

While it can appear that we are making a lazy choice, the reality is we looked at 5+ venues in Batavia, Niagara Falls, and Irving (and called and talked to a dozen more). Ultimately, we felt if we could continue with the support of the fairgrounds as we have already established that relationship and that is something worth keeping. They have been very kind to us over the years and we look forward to continuing with them.

Not for nothing, but keeping the general location was also a benefit to us. It's tough to ask over 200 people to all of a sudden go to an entirely new area. Little things like parking, places nearby to eat, hotel accommodations, other events going on at the time, all played into our decision to stay put.

ticket prices changing

A new big sexy building unfortunately costs more money. We have been very reluctant to change ticket prices over the years because we understand that this it can be tough for some people but rather than blindside you we want to inform you that it's happening and why. We have an obligation to our sister chapters and LANfest in general to stay in accordance with their guidelines, and this means that we need to adjust our prices. Expect tickets to cost $5 more per person for both normal and VIP seats.

bigger space, means more VIP

Expect to see 64 VIP seats up for grabs for this event. This is 16 more than last event, but they only lasted about 30 minutes so don't think that you can wait. That goes for all seats, we sold out in about a week so just because we have more seats doesn't necessarily mean you're gauranteed a spot.

registration schedule soon

As per usual, large group registration should open in a couple weeks, shortly followed by everyone else. We will be sure to let you know when we have the definites.

other survey feedback and info

  • I'm personally pushing for a Smash tournament, that was highly requested.
  • Hearthstone probably won't happen, sorry guys
  • Would like to see the return of a throw-back game of some sort for sure
  • Food is changing again, we won't be handling the food directly. There will be concessions provided from the fairgrounds. Prices are about what you'd expect for a 3rd party, a bit more pricey, but a much larger variety
  • we SHOULD have a better dedicated space for board games and table-top play. This is a very large area of focus for us moving forward now that we actually have space to do things like that
  • we are looking to get a sexy couch-games area setup, more on that later
  • there are many more bathrooms, and they are space all around the building, no more crap smell
  • still no alcohol, not gonna happen
  • KevinStyles, your food is ready

More to come in the coming weeks. Our YouTube channel is up and we have some things planned if we can get some time to work on it. Again, thank you for taking the time to ready this. Join us in discord if you want to chat or ask questions. We will have at least 1 open meeting soon. Keep an eye on discord and/or facebook for that

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