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July 3, 2017

We've gotten some questions about "what does tabletop mean" in relation to board gaming at our event. Hopefully this serves as a guide to clear up some of the questions.

Q: What sort of table-top gaming are you doing at MLP?

A: Well, lots of things. We have Games Asylum coming in bringing their extensive library of free-to-play games, along with Dallas Hoag, an expert on all things board game related. Throughout the weekend you'll be able to relax and play an old classic with friends, or learn a new challenge with your friends and other MLP gamers. Their facebook event is posted here if you want to ask any questions. We'll also be doing a Magic: The Gathering tournament on Saturday. Lastly, Boldo's Armory will be on site for your table-top gaming needs.

Q: Is there a separate fee to participate in the table-top area?

A: No. Anyone attending the event will be welcome to participate in the table-top area.

Q: I don't want to attend the LAN event, can I JUST participate in the table-top area?

A: Yes. We do ask that you pay a $5 specator fee that contributes towards our charity. You can buy these tickets ahead of time online, or purchase on site for no additional cost. 

Q: Will there be any other tournaments aside from Magic: The Gathering in the table-top area?

A: At the moment, no, but that could change. This is new for us so we're just sort of feeling out what is and isn't possible to work within our schedule.

The VIP Connundrum

June 13, 2017
Just so everyone is on the same page I wanted to post this publicly so there was no misunderstanding. VIP sold out fast again like it always does. Every year we try to make efforts to let you know when this is happening and try to improve the process so that everyone gets a ticket next to their friends and everyone is excited. Our groups continue to grow, we had roughly half of our general seating ... Read More

2017 Summer Tournaments Up!

June 7, 2017
For those of you that just want the link: here it is. For those of you still reading, just a little from our end. This season has been crazy for us. We have a ton going on with the new building and a lot of people with big life events. New homes, new jobs, new children, it's crazy. We FINALLY got the video thing off the ground, and had some interesting things lined up but they ... Read More

mlp'017 Summer Registration Open

May 2, 2017
The time has come! Let's break it down. Large group registration can be found here: and will be up until 5/14 @ 5pm. All other registration (including VIP) will open on 5/14 @ 9pm. We are also going to have an open meeting on discord that day @ 8pm along with a kickoff party! So if you have any questions or suggestions for us that would be a great place to have them. We have a total of ... Read More

Bigger, Stronger, Lanner

March 23, 2017
big things coming Our next event is pegged for July 7th, 8th, and 9th. Our last event we sold 240 seats and before we get to the details we want to say thank you for our biggest event to date. We truly can't do it without you. We got a lot of great feedback from our post event survey. Our biggest topic to come from the survey was that the event is just getting too large for ... Read More

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