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Introducing the MassiveLAN Cup

December 30, 2019

Over the last few years MassiveLAN has grown into not just a great community, but has given many of you the opportunity to find, join, and create unique groups we call guilds to compete during each LAN. We wanted to introduce a new way for guilds to compete from event to event with what we're calling, the MassiveLAN Cup

This winter LAN begins the first year of the MassiveLAN Cup competition. Guilds will be competing for points gained through our many events and the actions of your guild. Tournament wins, event participation, mini games, conduct and more. At the end of the winter event the leaderboard will be posted after totaling points, come back in the summer for round two! The end of the summer will mark the end of that year’s competition and that winning guild’s name will be added to the base of the MassiveLAN Cup to be on display at every LAN. Revel in your victory over the other guilds, until next year…

You can earn points by doing any of the following:

  • Having the biggest guild
  • Purchasing a guild table
  • Helping our another LANner - pc parts, general niceness, going out of someone’s way for someone else
  • filling out the post event survey
  • Playing and winning tournaments and minigames
  • Recruiting a new member DURING the event
  • Guild quests 
  • and some hidden ways we're not going to reveal!

Good luck to all the guilds!

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