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The VIP Connundrum

June 13, 2017

Just so everyone is on the same page I wanted to post this publicly so there was no misunderstanding. VIP sold out fast again like it always does. Every year we try to make efforts to let you know when this is happening and try to improve the process so that everyone gets a ticket next to their friends and everyone is excited.

Our groups continue to grow, we had roughly half of our general seating go to large groups, but as those groups grow so do the VIP groups. While that's awesome for us and for the event, this left a lot of people strewn about and not sitting next to each other. After some digging around and asking as many of the VIP people I could, we were able to rearrange everyone so they could sit next to each other.

The problem came when we had 1 large group that had people that wanted to get in. After speaking as a group, we decided the best course of action was to honor the original VIP purchasers, and move them to their own section, and allow the people that wanted to sit next to them to purchase tickets at the regular rate. We were able to get ahold of the people that wanted to move from BYOC to VIP (that we knew of) and got them moved over, got a couple of stragglers on the wait list, and moved the big group to their own section. Our layout remains largely unchanged, and we fill more seats which is always the end-goal. This is a 1 time arrangement that we hope to speak about and prevent in the future.

I appreciate everyone's patience and understanding. Any questions feel free to hit me up in discord


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