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May 5, 2020

With an eye on health for our volunteers and attendees we have decided to put an indefinite hold on our July event. The current virus situation puts us in an awkward and difficult position to be able to provide a safe environment while maintaining the quality of experience we want to provide. Honestly, we’re not sure when our next event will be, but we will be open to any and all possibilities moving forward. Normally our events run in July and January, and while that may still be the case, we are open to the idea of altering our schedule should it align with the multitude of factors at play. We will provide a minimum of 2-3 months of notice for our next event, and stay actively involved as a group to determine when and how we will make that happen. That being said, we are committed to the community and to our cause. We are currently looking into a way that we can still contribute during this time of difficulty and will be reaching out to you in the coming weeks on how you can still get involved and have some fun in the process. 


Lastly, we’ll be having an open meeting Sunday, May 17th at 9pm here in discord to discuss our next steps and get feedback and ideas from you. Any and all are welcome and we hope to see you then.


March 28, 2020
We wanted to update you on how the recent health crisis could impact our event and what our current plans are. While our event is still months away, we've decided to put ticket sales on an indefinite hold while we watch and wait for these events to unfold. Really there isn't a lot we can do but wait and see what happens. That being said, in order to have adequate time to prepare and also ... Read More

Seat Selection Is Up

January 6, 2020
First and foremost I want to thank all of you for getting your tickets and getting us to 276 seats sold! It was a huge push and we here appreciate all of your contributions. If your guild isn't listed you didn't meet the 5 person requirements, still plenty of space for you to grab near each other. Get it quick! There are still tickets left, help us get to 300. Here's a HQ version of where we're at ... Read More

Introducing the MassiveLAN Cup

December 30, 2019
Over the last few years MassiveLAN has grown into not just a great community, but has given many of you the opportunity to find, join, and create unique groups we call guilds to compete during each LAN. We wanted to introduce a new way for guilds to compete from event to event with what we're calling, the MassiveLAN Cup This winter LAN begins the first year of the MassiveLAN Cup competition. Guilds will be competing for ... Read More

2020 Tickets Info and more

October 23, 2019
Ticket Update Tickets will be going on sale October 28th at 9pm EST, with a couple notable changes. Ticket Link Firstly, we will have 50 1/2 table seats that you can pre-purchase a chair rental with us. With the feedback we got from the last event we thought this would help people better prepare for their visit with us. The cost of these tickets are $65 ($50 standard price + $15 rental fee). That only leaves us ... Read More

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