About MassiveLAN

MassiveLAN is a group of gamers that have been putting on LAN parties since 2004. The original idea was simple, assemble a group of smaller LANs in the greater Buffalo area and assemble them into one, cohesive group for an annual event that simply wouldn't be possible otherwise.

A lot has changed since then. MassiveLAN is now it's own LAN, with many of its original members still involved. We now hold bi-annual events, once in the winter, and once in the summer. Recently we've also partnered with LANFest so that our door entry money goes to charity. Every event we select a different local charity to get involved with, and keep that money here in Western NY.

Past Events

While we are always looking ahead, our past events help define us. Below you can see how well we did and get a glimpse of where we came from, and where we are now.

Date Location Seats Charity Amount Donated
Jul 2023 Hamburg, NY - Feed More WNY n/a
Jan 2023 Hamburg, NY -
Jul 2022 Hamburg, NY 160 Buffalo City Mission $4,688.20
Jan 2022 Hamburg, NY 215
Jan 2020 Hamburg, NY 302 Buffalo Greyhound Adoption $4,102.52
Jul 2019 Hamburg, NY 280 WNY Heroes $3,254.39
Jan 2019 Hamburg, NY 298 WNY Food Pantry $6,595.57
Jul 2018 Hamburg, NY 275 Children's Hospital of Buffalo Foundation $2,875.00
Jan 2018 Hamburg, NY 270
Jul 2017 Hamburg, NY 290 Cattaraugus Local Development Corporation $4,615.73
Jan 2017 Hamburg, NY 240
Jul 2016 Hamburg, NY 220 Western NY Food Pantry $5,966.00
Jan 2016 Hamburg, NY 205 Western NY Food Pantry $5,586.00
Jul 2015 Hamburg, NY 177 Carthage Central School District $5,029.44
Jan 2015 Hamburg, NY 209 Ronald McDonald House $6,134.30
Jul 2014 Hamburg, NY 184 Shriner's Hospital for Children - Erie $5,206.00
Jan 2014 Hamburg, NY 170 Meals on Wheels $4,493.50
Jul 2013 Hamburg, NY 165 Summit Educational Resources $2,430.47
Jan 2013 Hamburg, NY 170 Guiding Eyes for the Blind $4,246.50
Jul 2012 Hamburg, NY 140 Child's Play $2,823.40
Jul 2011 Hamburg, NY 125 n/a -
Jul 2010 Hamburg, NY 120 n/a -
Jul 2009 Hamburg, NY 110 n/a -
Jul 2008 Lockport, NY 100 n/a -
Jul 2007 Lockport, NY 95 n/a -
Sep 2006 Lockport, NY 75 n/a -
Jul 2005 Clarence, NY 150 n/a -
Jul 2004 Clarence, NY 175 n/a -



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