The purpose of this policy is to outline and define clear reasons and actions against any person not complying with our rules and policies at one of our events.

Terminology definition

Staff, Helpers, and Administrators

  • Staff refers to a member of MassiveLAN Staff as outlined in our Charter. These are the people you see wearing Hockey-style jerseys.
  • Helper refers to a person that helps MassiveLAN in an official capacity, but is not a voting member of the MassiveLAN Staff and does not have any of the authorities or privileges outlined in our Charter, or this document.
  • Administrators refers to the voted (or temporarily appointed) Staff members that have elevated authority, granted to them by Staff


  • Charter refers to our official governing document that MassiveLAN operates under. This document is not publicly available but can be made available at request by a participant and approval of our Administrators


  • Attendee refers to any participant, Helper, or Staff member located in person or virtually attending one of our events. Virtually includes any social media channels such as discord, twitch, in-game, or any other digital presence that connects you to our event in some capacity.

Minor infraction

  • A minor infraction is any action a participant does that is not within the spirit and rules of our event. Generally, this action was done in error, unknowingly, and/or accidentally.

Major infraction

  • A major infraction is any action a participant does knowingly and willingly in direct contradiction against any of our event rules or policies, or any action knowingly or unknowingly that results in: personal injury, equipment damage, racism, or sexism.

Eviction Policy

If a Helper or Staff member sees or becomes aware of any major or minor infraction, they will then report it to an Administrator. If the infraction is found to be credible by means of witness or testimony, the infraction will become logged and the following actions will be applied:

  • After 1 minor infraction: the offending attendee will be issued a warning
  • After 2 minor infractions: the offending attendee will be issued a final warning
  • After 3 minor infractions: the offending attendee will be asked to leave the event, and no issue will be refunded
  • After 1 major infraction: the offending attendee will be asked to leave the event, and no issue will be refunded. Depending on severity and a discussion post event, that individual may be banned from attending 1 or more future events. This discussion will be a Staff vote in accordance with our Charter

Event Rules and Policies

The following rules and policies apply towards the eviction policy

Event Rules
Vaccination Policy
LANFest Code of Conduct

2024 Summer

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