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2018 Winter Seating Info

November 3, 2017

The time is almost upon us, but we are changing things up a bit.

To make things easier, ticket types are being renamed to "BYOC - Half table" and "BYOC - One Third Table". This unfortunately means that there is no one designated section for VIP, so if you have buddies you look forward to seeing every year you'll want to look into this new guild system (which at present is not ready but will be before we start selling tickets)

For the first time in years, ALL registration will open AT THE SAME TIME. Large group, small group, you name it. We are also NOT LIMITING the number of Half Table seats available. Come one, come all.

Now before you get all crazy, how is that going to work, exactly? Well, we've been working on upgrading the LANFest website to now have support for Guilds. You and your friends, regardless of size, will be able to join a guild. When seat selection becomes available, your guild will be assigned an area same as how large groups used to be before. No more google docs or other bull. 

Also for the first time we will open up Half Table seating to large groups. No more having to purchase extra seats anymore (which you can still do and we appreciate your contributions!).

The big consequence for this is we will be unable to release a seating chart until MUCH closer to the event. Seat selection will be unavailable until roughly 1 week before the event.

A lot of this is new for us, and there are bound to be headaches and questions. To help alleviate concerns, some of us will be available in Discord on Sunday, November 5th at 10pm. If you are in a large group, please have at least 1 of your members present if possible, but all are welcome.

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