2023 Summer Dates

April 2 8pm: Open Meeting/Launch Party. 9pm - Tickets go on sale
May 1 Early bird ticket prices ends
July 6 Online ticket sales close

Welcome to MassiveLAN!

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Our next event is July 7th, 8th, and 9th!


Covid Update and Layout Stream

January 4, 2022

Let's start with the fun stuff first. Tomorrow night, Wednesday, around 10pm, we will be streaming the finalization of the layout. If you want to see where your guild sits, maybe try to call some sort of dibs, or take a peek under the hood of how it's done, feel free to join us in discord and/or twitch tomorrow night.

Vaccination Requirement and COVID-19 Guidelines

We've updated our policy here. Confirmed positive cases in Erie county are at an all time high, and still rising. While we are still a fully vaccinated event, and in full compliance with state and local guidelines, we have decided to implement a policy related to people that show symptoms. I (AJ) asked our crew at our last meeting, how they would feel if someone came into the event that was "hacking up a lung" and looked obviously sick regardless of their vaccination status. Most of us weren't too keen on the idea. Our solution, outlined in the policy, requires that if you are presenting symptoms you can still attend if you provide a negative, non-self-administered PCR test. We will accept any test done on or after Tuesday, January 11. This should give you plenty of time to schedule a test, rapid or not, and get the results by Friday. I know this is short notice, and I apologize. When we drafted the original policy we assumed there would be an up-tick in cases during the holiday season. That, along with a number of other factors, is why we decided to implement a vaccinated only policy. Frankly, I'm glad we did. If we didn't, we'd have to be wearing masks indoors at all times, including while at your seat, and including while sleeping inside the building, designated space or not. What we didn't anticipate was a new variant tearing through our state and record numbers.

On a personal note, I would encourage anyone able to self-isolate prior to the event. The reality is we are going to be in a room with each other for 3 days. The health and safety of our attendees is paramount, so we are doing all we can shy of postponing the event to make sure anyone in attendance is as safe and protected as they can be. It will have been 2 years since our last event, let's make sure that doesn't have to be the case ever again.

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