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September 27, 2018

Mark it in your calendars! January 11th!

After a great summer event it's time to cool things down and take things to the next level. We've heard your feedback and have had a lot of talks about how to make things smoother, faster, and more enjoyable for everyone. Here are some highlights of what we're doing and we'll do our best to outline these things in the coming months.

  1. Better announcements - We toyed a bit with this during the event last summer, but we're making improvements on how we do announcements during our event. We will have a dedicated twitch channel JUST for announcements, along with better discord messages, website updates, and (hopefully!) archived audio if you miss the speaker announcement.
  2. More accessible tournaments - This last event we put tournaments alongside each other which drove down participation as we think people had to make a choice of game A vs game B. Expect less of that. Also, we're working on some things to help people find teams and get organized.
  3. More Internet Access - Expect better internet speeds, we're increasing our available bandwidth 3-fold, which should provide for just a better experience overall. Unfortunately this comes at a cost, and rather than take from the money we'd like to donate, we will be increasing ticket prices $5 for the 1/2 table seats only.
  4. More stuff to do - Bigger console area, more pickup games, and more minigames. Maybe more.

Please join us on discord if you haven't already. It's the best place to keep up with what we have going on and to hear first about updates and announcements.

2018 Summer Tournaments

June 5, 2018
Tournaments posted here: https://lanfest.intel.com/events/mlp018-summer/tournaments Signup is here: https://lanfest.intel.com/events/mlp018-summer/register ... Read More

2018 Summer Registration Open!

May 10, 2018
Woooooo it's time it's time. Get your ticket to WNY's largest community LAN Party. 3 days. 300 people. MOAR GAMES. MOAR FUN.  To register, Click here! To learn more about our upcoming event, check out our rules and event information pages. To let us know what games you want to play at this summer's event, click here! ... Read More

Our thoughts for MLP'018 Winter

January 22, 2018
Firstly i want to say thank you to everyone that attended our event, and another thank you to the 50+ people that took the time to fill out our post-event survey. This is going to be a long post so I hope you stick with it. New Things This last event was probably the toughest on us internally, we had a lot of new things going on and for the most part, we are very pleased with results. ... Read More

Magic, rules, and... Chairs?

January 9, 2018
MTG We will be having a Magic: The Gathering tournament at this weekend's event. It will be at 3pm on Saturday running alongside of the CS:GO tournament. Rules It has come to our attention that our rules were not on the website. So they can now be found here. Chairs If you're a seasoned MLP Vet, you probably know the chairs we get stink. So, while many of you bring your own, we're pleased to annouce that we have a ... Read More

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Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! See every single one of you in MassiveLAN winter '20!