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Win a steam gift card at our open meeting!

December 14, 2022

As a special thank you to those that have purchased their ticket for our winter event, we will be having a raffle for a $20 gift card during our open meeting on New Year's Day, at 8pm. All you have to do to enter is have your ticket purchased before the drawing for a chance to win.

If we get 150 tickets sold before that drawing, we will increase that gift card value to $50! You do not have to be present during the open meeting to claim your prize.

What is an open meeting?

An open meeting is when we invite you, our attendee, to be present during one of our meetings on discord. If you have questions about what we're doing, suggestions about games to play, or just want to see how things work a bit behind the scenes this is a great opportunity.

So please join us, January 1st, 2023 at 8pm in our discord server!

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