COVID-19 Entry and Operation Policy

UPDATED 11/06/22

For our Winter 2023 event we will NO LONGER BE requiring that any person attending our event provide proof of vaccination or non-infection via testing. People that show symptoms during check in may be refused admittance. In the event that happens we will either offer a refund or allow switching an in person ticket to a virtual ticket.

To put it in simply: if you're sick don't come, otherwise you're good.

This document is subject to and relates to our eviction policy

What about masks?

Barring a state or county mandate, we will not be requiring our attendees to wear masks

Carry over from last event

  • We will continue putting empty tables between guilds to the best of our ability to encourage social distancing
  • We will TRY TO keep row spacing similar to last event with designated sleep/guild areas directly behind where your seats are, but this may not be possible based on number of tickets sold
  • We will continue to offer our virtual ticket for people that want to participate online

2024 Summer is coming

June 28th! More soon!

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