For the latest in MLP announcements, news, and hot gossip, please join our Discord server. Connect with other LAN'ers, challenge a guild, or take a break and say hello.

Event staff are available for questions or issues, ask and help out others with issues in #computer-help, and more.


We've made staying up on the latest at our event easier than ever:

  1. PA Announcements: Probably loud, and crappy, and incoherent at times, we're doing the best we can. If you're wearing closed headphones, you'll probably miss these.
  2. Discord: Announcements? In OUR Discord? It's more likely than you think. If you are in a voice channel when an announcement happens, Hypebot will come to your room and play the message. You can also click the link in the #bot-announcements channel if you miss it. To create a temporary, private voice channel in our discord, connect to Private Rooms > Create Private Room, and a private room will be created
  3. Direct From The Internet Hose: Get you some. Click the "Enable Notifications" Button on the top right of this page. You will receive a browser notification (so long as you leave this window open) every time there's an announcement. You can click tbe notification to hear the announcement. Also, you can replay announcements from the website at any time.

Food & Drink Policy

You ARE allowed to: Bring in and keep at your station food and drinks. This includes things you purchase at a grocery or convenience store, as well as food purchased at local restaurants. 

You ARE NOT allowed to: Have food delivered to you inside the building. This is in direct conflict with the waitstaff here hired by the Erie County Fairgrounds. Please go pick up food yourself or at the very least have it delivered and meet them in the parking lot. 

Please keep your space clean! There are many trash bins all over the building. We are not your parents. Open drink contains could cause spills and accidents that will cost you more than a few seconds of throwing your stuff away. We are not responsible for damaged equipement as the result of your own mountain dew negligence.

Things you might like to know

  • Steam/Origin/Blizzard/Windows downloads have their own dedicated bandwidth, and are cached. If you're one of the unlucky ones that is downloading something new, you'll be downloading at regular speed. Anything we've cached you'll get as fast as possible.
  • Bandwidth will be limited at all hours, however, more bandwidth is available overnight.

Latest Announcements

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