The MassiveLAN Cup

Each year the MassiveLAN Cup is awarded to the guild that accrues the most post over 2 events. Last year’s winner was Game Players United.

General Ground Rules

  1. This competition is purely for fun, the prize is just having some friendly competition between guilds that hopefully any guild can be a part of regardless of size. 

  2. Points are accrued through both winter and summer events and the highest point total at the end of the summer event wins.

  3. All challenge submissions must be posted by 1pm on Sunday unless otherwise noted on the challenge description.

  4. Attempts to cheese points or cheat can result in points being deducted from the guild.

  5. All attempts to cheese points or direct cheating accusations will be reviewed in staff channels.

  6. Attempts to cheese points may be forgiven if staff is entertained by your attempt at “technically correct”. 

  7. Staff may agree to award points to guilds based on actions at the event if an attendee’s actions truly reflect the spirit of the event. 

  8. Pictures for challenges must be from the weekend of the event unless otherwise noted on the challenge description

  9. Points for tournament team victories that have a mixed group of guilds will have the points divided amongst those guilds in the winning team (rounded up)

  10. Point values for tournaments and challenges may change between events to balance the competition.

  11. Challenges will be posted leading up to the event and will be pinned in the relevant Discord channel.

Earning Points

Here are the ways you can earn points this year for the guild cup

  • Guild Photo Assemble: your guild for a group photo with a majority of your guild members at the event.

  • MS Paint Challenge: Mimic the picture selected for this event's challenge using MS paint. This is just a relaxing thing to do, there is no "winner", please don't make me police people using photoshop.

  • Board Gaming: Get a picture with some guild mates playing something in the board game room

  • Just for Decoration: Decorate your guild area and show it off

  • Suit Up: Show off your costume. Professional cosplay, inflatable suit, suit of armor made from sponsor leaflets, dress up and get a picture of your costume

  • It's a Small World: Build a base or decorative structure in an open world game such as minecraft or 7DTD which is hosted at the LAN

  • It Takes a Village: Host an open play game using the #attendee hosted open play, #games servers, or #table top games channels

  • Blueberry is Best Berry: Either join a team that is looking to fill a slot in a tournament or invite a person that is looking for a group.

  • Online Assistance: Respond to an online player's call for a game

  • Tick Tock: Send us a link to your TikTok post about the event

  • Pay to Win: donate to a local charity and tag them and massivelan in a social post

  • Thank Your Sponsors: social post to one of our sponsors

  • Feeling Snacky: get a picture / selfie at the food stand / enjoying what they've cooked

  • Story Time: submit your story of how LF has impacted your life. Note: These stories might get used by LANFest

  • Bishi Bashi: Take a picture of your score on Bishi Bashi

  • Did Anybody Clip That? Submit your favorite game clip (Please do not get us sued by using content that does not belong to you)

  • Burger Time! Go to Red Robins on Thursday, show them our fundraiser flyer, eat burgers, and then upload a picture of your receipt


You can see the current standings by checking out the projectors around the event

2024 Summer is coming

June 28th! More soon!

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