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Welcome to MassiveLAN

We are back July 10th! Mark your calendars!

January 6, 2020

First and foremost I want to thank all of you for getting your tickets and getting us to 276 seats sold! It was a huge push and we here appreciate all of your contributions.

If your guild isn't listed you didn't meet the 5 person requirements, still plenty of space for you to grab near each other. Get it quick!

There are still tickets left, help us get to 300.

Here's a HQ version of where we're at so far

Lastly we ask that if you are streaming or using a VR setup please do not choose a seat near the inner aisleway

To pick your seat go to the lanfest.com site, go to "my account", and find your ticket. You can select a seat there. If you are in a guild your guild leader can update it for you.

Introducing the MassiveLAN Cup

December 30, 2019
Over the last few years MassiveLAN has grown into not just a great community, but has given many of you the opportunity to find, join, and create unique groups we call guilds to compete during each LAN. We wanted to introduce a new way for guilds to compete from event to event with what we're calling, the MassiveLAN Cup This winter LAN begins the first year of the MassiveLAN Cup competition. Guilds will be competing for ... Read More

2020 Tickets Info and more

October 23, 2019
Ticket Update Tickets will be going on sale October 28th at 9pm EST, with a couple notable changes. Ticket Link Firstly, we will have 50 1/2 table seats that you can pre-purchase a chair rental with us. With the feedback we got from the last event we thought this would help people better prepare for their visit with us. The cost of these tickets are $65 ($50 standard price + $15 rental fee). That only leaves us ... Read More

2019 Summer Tournaments Posted

June 3, 2019
Our initial tournaments are up. See them here! ... Read More

Guild Meeting in Discord

March 12, 2019
Attention guild leaders! We'd like to invite you to a guild leader only meeting to ask some questions and get some ideas for our summer event. If you could make it, that'd be great. It will be March 24th at 9pm on the MassiveLAN discord server. If you aren't marked as a guild leader please send ActionJackson a message and I'll get you updated. Thanks! ... Read More

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