2023 Summer Dates

April 2 8pm: Open Meeting/Launch Party. 9pm - Tickets go on sale
May 1 Early bird ticket prices ends
July 6 Online ticket sales close

Welcome to MassiveLAN!

Over $50,000 raised for local WNY Charities since 2012!

Our next event is July 7th, 8th, and 9th!


You asked, and we've answered... sort of. After reading the survey one thing became evident: Many of you want an extra day of gaming. While we can't give you an entire day, we can give you an additional NIGHT. To that end, we're planning on offering an "Alpha Access" ticket this summer.

What is Alpha Access? Basically, Alpha Access is early entry into the event, Thursday night starting at 8pm. But, this isn't for everyone. Firstly, we'll be limiting this to 50 tickets to start for summer. If it goes well, we will probably expand this going forward. It's also not a guarantee of any kind. We cannot promise you that things will be 100% operational. There may be network downtime, there may be server restarts, there may be sound checks. Traditionally we're done and ready to go (for the most part) by this time, but you never know.

But what CAN we promise? Well, a number of things.

  • Your spot will be ready, and you can set up your stuff
  • Board game room will be open
  • A behind the scene looks at how we get ready
  • Retro/emulator pcs will be ready to go
  • Access to some sort of non-internet required games/events
  • A special name badge

To answer a couple of obvious questions right away:

"Can I set up my sleeping area Thursday night?"

Yes, more or less. We may need you to shift things around Friday but you'll be welcome to stay Thursday night

"What if I normally get 2 tickets for myself, do I need 2 alpha tickets?"

No! Just get 1 alpha ticket and 1 normal ticket. You'll still be allowed a full table

"Can I buy an alpha ticket for my friend"

No, these are limit 1 per account.

Ticket go on sale April 2nd at 9pm EST. We will be having an open meeting in our discord server starting at 8pm to answer any questions you might have about Alpha Access or anything about this event at all.

Win a steam gift card at our open meeting!

December 14, 2022
As a special thank you to those that have purchased their ticket for our winter event, we will be having a raffle for a $20 gift card during our open meeting on New Year's Day, at 8pm. All you have to do to enter is have your ticket purchased before the drawing for a chance to win. If we get 150 tickets sold before that drawing, we will increase that gift card value to $50! You ... Read More

Mask requirement no more

November 6, 2022
Unless Erie County or the Fairgrounds mandates us to do so, we will not be requiring our attendees to wear masks during the event. Oh also we have some games to announce as tournaments Overwatch 2 Modern Warfare 2 CS:GO Smash bros Deep Rock Galactic and there's definitely more coming ... Read More

Opening things up...

October 10, 2022
I'm happy to announce that we are relaxing most restrictions we had in place with regards to our COVID policy. This includes no longer requiring proof of vaccination or negative test status. We have not decided on any sort of mask policy, which we will evaluate as we get closer to the event. For more information and to stay up to date on that, please see our 2023 Winter Covid Policy. That being said, tickets will ... Read More

Winter 2023 and our thoughts from last event

July 25, 2022
Firstly we wanted to let you know the dates of our 2023 winter event AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. And they are January 13, 14, and 15th. Save the date! Now to talk about some of the stuff that was in our post-event survey. Thank you so much if you took the time to fill it out! Immediate changes and responses based on your feedback: Here are some things we can address right away and commit to: Announcements (the "notification" ... Read More

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