2024 Winter Event Schedule

So, like the sidebar says, we're trying a more detailed comprehensive schedule. For the first time ever we have a dedicated board game room schedule. We will be running scheduled games at specific times and to help you plan your weekend, we're putting them into the schedule with an official start time. Other things will be happening, and as always you are welcome to use the space for your own board game needs.

Also for the first time ever, we will be having a separate board game tournament with guild cup rammifications. We will be playing "Vampire: The Masquerade – Blood Feud"

It's a mega board game where up to eight teams of 4 compete for the most victory points. You will be either humans or vampires. Each member of your team will be playing a mini game that impacts other members of your team. One player deals with area control. Another with issuing orders to you minions. The third will be buying and trading to upgrade players and get more command cards. The final player will be in the council voting on policy that affect all players in the game and determining your teams victory point conditions. Most points at the end wins.

This will be scored the same as any of our PC tournaments.

As always, if you have any questions please let us know in our discord.

2024 Winter Schedule

Our schedule is a bit different this year, we're trying out a more detailed and featured event.

  • Events in blue are official MassiveLAN tournaments with trophies
  • Events in purple are Minigames with steam gift cards as prizes
  • Events in red are scheduled games in the board game room we will be running
  • Events in orange are scheduled PC open play


8pm Alpha Access Starts!
10pm Mario Kart 8
11pm Are you a werewolf?
12am Mouse Toss


10am Alpha Wakeup!
12pm General admission starts
1pm 2 Rooms and a Boom
3pm Magic, The Gathering / Power Grid
4pm Half Life 2 Deathmatch
6pm Mysterium
7pm Golf With Your Friends
9pm Vampire the Masquerede: Blood Feud (Guild Cup Tournament)
11pm Bishi Bashi Champ
12am Chair Curling
2am Quiet Hours


10am Wakeup call
12pm Counter-Strike 2
2pm Coalition: Councils of the Republic (Beta Test)
3pm Night Crawlers
4pm Smash Bros
7pm Unreal Tournament 2k4
8pm Are you a werewolf
9pm Halo Infinite
11pm Hard Drive Hockey
12am Among Us


10am Wakeup
11am Rocket League 2v2 / Blood on the Clocktower
3pm Raffle

2024 Summer is coming

June 28th! More soon!

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