Schedule, Seating, Switches and Streamers

December 24, 2023

Let's start with the easy stuff. Our 2024 Winter Schedule is posted, including our first ever board game tournament for guilds. Check it out here!

We will be doing our guild seating in our discord and twitch on Wednesday, January 10th at 7pm (SEVEN). For best results someone from your guild should be present.

Next, we'd like to update everyone on our plans for 2024. Traditionally, we select a charity for each year and announce it to you so you know where your contributions are going towards. We pay our bills, save a bit to invest in ourselves, and then take the rest and give it to a local charity. Until recently, nearly all of our equipment that we've used has been donated or someone's spares for years. With that being said we've been looking to upgrade our network for some time now. Since doing it piece by piece isn't really an option and in order to take the next big step we've decided to change course for our 2024 contributions. After a decade or more and tens of thousands of dollars donated, the money we'd normally send to a local charity will instead be reinvested back into ourselves. Primarily this will be for network equipment. We hope to upgrade to all gigabit switches with a 10g fiber core. We also plan on upgrading our primary router as multi-gig internet becomes available in the area.

Lastly, this event we will also be playing host to a number of streamers. These lovely folks are helping us spread our reach and get our cause out to a wider audience. Please take a moment and visit their twitch streams and get to know them!

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